Permanent Waving and Straightening

Permanent Waves

Classic and body wave


Fashion wave (incl spiral)


Chemical straightening – POA

Over the last 15 years research and development has created some amazing products to chemically straighten, reduce the bulk, and make your hair feel amazing at the same time.

For anyone who has become a slave to the straightening irons, avoids swimming or going out in the rain for fear of getting their hair wet, this is something you should definitely consider.

A chemical straightening service is one that will last and grow out.

All chemical straightening services require a consultation prior to booking. At this time we will determine your expectations, do a ‘test strand’ on your hair to determine the best product for your hair and give you an exact quote.

As this service takes approximately 4 hours a deposit of $100 is required upon booking your appointment.

ALICEwonderPermanent Waving and Straightening