Wonderland hair

We believe in thorough consultations to determine your ‘in a perfect world’ hair and believe in creating beautiful colour, haircuts and style but most importantly condition to ensure you have the hair others want.

We will show you images or feel free to bring along your own, as your version of ‘honey blonde with lots of layers’ could be worlds apart from ours! We will be honest with you if your hair will not do what you want easily, but most things are achievable, whether it be more effort at home, several visits or reaching a compromise. We will always advise you on what to use on your hair at home to get the results you do in the salon, we want your hair to look great between your visits (whether it be 3 weeks or 4 months) not just when you leave the salon so much so that we invite every client who purchases a home hair care regime back for a complimentary blow wave lesson to ensure you have the tricks down pat.

Finally we too have been somewhere where you sit there not able to relax as you are wondering ‘how much is all this going to cost” or left feeling sickened by the bill so we will pre quote you before we begin your service.

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